Fall 2014

News From Elizaville

Fall is always a season at camp to look back at (and be thankful for) the magic of the summer passed, and also excitedly to begin plans for the year to follow. This has proven especially so this September as we celebrated the retirements of three long- time Scaticonians, while simultaneously welcoming in a next generation that’s been waiting in the wings.

How can you say enough nice things about Nancy Kleiner’s incredible 29-year run on girls side (28 as head counse- lor)? No other girls’ head counselor in Scatico’s history has had a longer tenure. (Many of her first campers now have children at Scatico.) The sense of spirit, tradition, and community fostered on girls’ side has grown year after year under her leadership
(as has enrollment—up more than 33 percent since the mid- 1980s).

The husband-and-wife team of Bren Karcich and Ian Slater can’t quite match Nancy’s total of 29 summers, but certainly hold their own with 21 and 22 years respectively as Scatico’s caretakers. They started working alongside Al and Peggy Adams (Ian’s stepdad and mom), making for 48 consecutive summers of a single family heading maintenance at camp. A quick walk around camp and you’ll see Bren and Ian’s work everywhere: all the wooden beds and nightstands in cabins; flower beds; the deck by the dining room; the octagon meeting area by the Admin... The list goes on and on.

Yet you don’t make 95 summers as a camp without embracing the future. We are thrilled to welcome Kerri Berkman Winderman as our new girls head counselor. Kerri was a camper, counselor, and division leader in the 1980s-90s and has worked the past two summers as Nancy’s assistant head counselor. During the “off- season,” she’s a curriculum specialist for the Rye, NY, school district. The photo from 1989 to the left shows Kerri with former bunkmates who were then all working (under Nancy) as counselors.

Edward Lydon (Teddy) started at Scatico as an 18-year- old maintenance assistant in 1997 and in October moved onto campgrounds (with his wife Jenn and son Mason) as camp’s new caretaker. If your keeping score at home, that’s only four generations of Scatico caretakers in 95 years: Fred Peterson, Al and Peggy, Bren and Ian, and Teddy.

At Scatico, looking both back into the past and ahead into the future, we feel lucky and blessed by so much commitment and loyalty. 

Above: Scatico founder Nat Holman graced a Wheaties box more than 50 years before Michael Jordan (also of basketball fame) made his first appearance on one. Nat ap- peared on two “back box” panels in the late 1930s. The cartoon was part of a late 1940s advertising campaign and describes Nat as being “generally acknowledged as the greatest player and coach in the history of basketball.” The first athlete to appear on a Wheaties box was Lou Gehrig in 1934. 

We Will Miss You

  • 􏰀􏰁  Doris Brody Rosen passed away on September 27, 2014. She attended Scatico from

    1940 to 1948. Her daughter Nancy Rosen Rosenblatt and granddaughters Amy and Barbara

    Rosenblatt were also Scatico campers.

  • 􏰀􏰁  Wilfred Feinberg passed away on J uly 31, 2014. He attended Scatico fr om 1929 to

    1941. His children Jack and Susan were campers in the 1950s and 1960s. Judge Feinberg was appointed as a Federal Appeals Court Judge by John F. Kennedy in 1961, and served into the 2000s. (Current Scatico father and alumnus Andrew Tannenbaum clerked for Judge Feinberg in 2002-03.) Among many notable rulings, in the late 1970s Judge Feinberg helped determine that a North Carolina textile company was required to allow its workers to unionize (this case inspiring the 1979 movie “Norma Rae”—with Sally Field earning a “best Actress” award in the title role). Alex Holman, Judge Feinberg’s longtime camp friend, tells how through his entire career the Judge left standing orders in his office to put through any phone calls from people asking for “Billy” as they must be Scatico friends. 

Calling All Photos: We are looking for classic (and even not-so-classic) photos to print in future issues of the Alumni Newsletter. Send by e-mail as an attachment to info@scatico.com or by mail to: Camp Scatico, PO Box 6, Elizaville, NY 12523. We will return the originals, if requested. 

Two vintage photos (left and below) from Dennis Rinzler (1950-62):
Top—Dennis in 1950 outside Bunk 9 with his counselor Paul Sar- banes. Paul (nicknamed “Tyke”) was 17 years old at the time and still 27 years away from serving in the United States Senate. His 30-year tenure (1977-2007) as a Senator from Maryland, is the longest in the State’s history.

Below—Bunk 12 in 1951. From left to right: Steve Manis, Billy Grossman, Dennis, Billy Manis, Mike Atkins, and Alan Harris. The counselors are Don Herzog and Ed Brenner. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.51.49 PM.png

Zak Penn sent in this photo from his 1981 Bar Mitzvah. That’s Zak bottom left (“with the bounce in my hair”) and bunkmate Jon Reinsdorf bottom right (“too tight jeans”). In the middle (left to right) are Mike “Maz” Madorsky (a 1981 Upper Senior) and coun- selors Hillel Italie and David Fleischner (Zak’ s 1980 division lead- er). Zak, a screenwriter and film director, lives in Los Angeles. 

This photo arrived from Emily Friedman Stamaris.(1980-82).She’s with her dad and sister Carrie on Visiting Day in 1980. Hear- ing impaired, Emily taught her bunkmates
to sign “You Light Up My Life”—leading to a memorable group performance at a 4th of July Talent Show. 

Staying In Touch

Stay connected with fellow Scaticonians by e-mailing news, photos, and recollections to info@scatico.com. If you prefer the regular mail and printed pictures, that works just as well. We will even return the photographs after reproducing them for the Alumni Newsletter.
We always love to hear about Random Scatico Sightings (RSS)....
Lauren Felsen

Klein (1980s) recognized her former counselor Lisa Paymer Dodge (1960s-2000s) on the beach in Naples, FL... Bunkmates Jennifer Fleischner (1960s-80s) and Amy Herfort Gelman (1960s-70s) ran into each other at an ice cream parlor in New Buffalo, MI (first RSS ever in this town of under 2,000 residents!), and discovered that their husbands had a Chicago family connection and had actually been together at a large reunion 6 years previously without realizing it... When Ira Briskman (1953-60) moved into a condo in Quogue, NY, someone knocked on the door to welcome him to the neighborhood. Ira was wearing a Scatico shirt (from a reunion) and the woman at the door said to him, “My husband went to Scatico.” Ira then reconnected with camp contemporary Daniel Fein- berg.... Jeff Bukantz (1974-79) and Rob Solomon (1977-79) spotted each other out- side Madison Square Garden just prior to a Rangers’ playoff game last June. Jeff also sent in a photo of him with former heavyweight boxing champion Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, taken at a youth fencing competition in Atlanta (where Jeff was ref- ereeing). A month later, Jeff was reffing at a meet in Columbus, OH, when he met up with Tom Rosenberg (1960s-80s)....

The 40th anniversary of the 1974 graduating class of New Rochelle High School included Scaticonians Ellen Woloshin Shilowich, Bob Lapides, Lainie Isaacs Ortiz, Judi Fleischner Ecochard, and Jay Finkelstein (who missed the photo op to the right). Ellen, a singer and performer, has released a newbEP titled “The Words,” which you can purchase (and also find dates for upcoming performances) at www.ellenwoloshin.com..... Modi Wiczyk checked in from Los Angeles, where he co-founded and is the current co-CEO of Media Rights Capital, an independent film and television studio. Recent projects include Netflix’s “House of Cards”
and the film “Ted”.... Leah Recht (1990s-2000s) is receiving her Masters in Art Therapy (a medical degree) at Drexel University.... Bert Holman sent in a copy of a page from the 1923 City College yearbook (“The Microcosm”) detailing highlights from that school’s baseball season. In that year, Uncle Nat not only coached the basketball team, played basketball professionally for the Original Celtics, and directed Camp Scatico (then in its third year), but also managed the CCNY baseball squad. An Opening Day loss that year came against Columbia (15-5) with it’s star player Lou Gehrig pitching. By the summer of 1923, Lou Gehrig was a New York Yankee....

Congratulations to Maggie Parwinicka Mozga (1990s-2000s), who completed the Rhinebeck, NY, half-marathon in 2h:00M:42s.... Fall visitors to camp included Liz Rashkin
(1962-73), who was in New York from her home in Atlanta, and Jamie Meltzer Truman (1994-2001), attending a wedding in nearby Tivoli.... A front-page article in The Star Ledger on Veteran’s Day (November 11th) fea- tured Steve Atkins (1930s-40s), recalling what it was like landing on Normandy Beach on the day after D- Day (June 7, 1944). At the time, he was a 19-year-old Army combat engineer.... Steve’s oldest son Jack At- kins (1955-69) reported on a 1950s-70s alumni dinner with Mitch Herzog, Steve Hanft, Marc Hellman, and Howie “King of Chum” Kaplan.... A July dinner at the NYC apartment of Sue Skollins Friedman (1945-59) brought together Sue, Joan Haskel Berlly (1950-60), Dennis Rinzler (1950-62) and Bruce Holman (1945-56). When Peter Katz (1980s-2000s), an executive at Wizard World (the compa- ny that organizes Comic Cons), was in Columbus, OH, for an event, he con- nected with Randy Au (1980s-2010s) and Jason David Frank (the Original Green Power Ranger) and sent in the photo to the right. Randy, currently the boys’ Athletics Director at Scatico, started at camp as a basketball counselor in 1984... Congratulations to Doug Herzog (1960s-70s) on his induction into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame at an October 20th event at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Doug is currently the president of Viacom’s Entertainment Group, com- prised of Comedy Central, Spike TV, and TV Land. Fellow in- ductees that evening included Bud Selig, Commissioner of Ma-
jor League Baseball, and Robin Roberts, co-anchor of “Good Morning America.” Doug’s sisters
Jane and Jill joined the cele- bration as did Scatico friends Jeff Abrams, Andrew Levine, and David Fleischner.... Back in his camper years between 1980 -86, few at Scatico could match Adam Birbrower’s baseball fan- dom. His article “Baseball Jersey Numbers: A n A rchetypal Analysis” appeared in the October 23rd issue of bronxbanter- blog.com.... Andy Bernard, Dan Fabian, Scott Strauss, Brad Green, and Randy Goldstein (all 1980s-90s) connected at the 2014 New Orleans Jazz Festival and sent in the photo to the right.... Mitch Polay (1980s-2000s) sent in the photo to the right just in case it was a “slow news cycle”(no such thing)—a dinner outing with Scott Kaufman, Ben Stern, Josh Wigler, and Max Lieberman (all 1990s-2000s).... Four Koren siblings—Kate, Jon, David, and Georgia—attended camp in the 1990s-2000s. Jon pro- vided a family update: Kate is married, has one daughter, works in the pharmaceutical industry, and lives in Seattle; David graduated last June from the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern, now works for Discover, and lives in Chicago; Georgia graduated from Lynn University last May; and Jon lives in Connecticut

with his wife Anna and daughter (see birth announcements on next page). While on business in London in December 2013, Jon visited Neil Seligman and Jim Hosking... Josh Wigler (1996-2007) shared the fol- lowing story about a June outing with fellow 2000 Up- per Seniors Eric Sable, Max Lieberman, Ben Stern , and Ben Lew: “W e participated in “Scavenge for Life,” a scavenger hunt held in Manhattan that raises money for cancer research. You have to find items

around the city (a squirt of pink soap in a bag, four kinds of mints, perfume strips, etc.) as well as take photos of other assort- ed weirdness. One of the items was to pho- tograph a team member cradling a stranger on the street—a stranger who just happened to be Joe Hamm from “Mad Men.” He fell right into Ben Lew’s arms.”

Thanks to all for staying in touch—
please email news and photos for the Fall 2014 issue of the Alumni Newsletter to info@scatico.com. 


  • 􏰀􏰁  Ainslee Schreiber and Scott Kaufman (1995- 2006) were married on 8/31/14. Joining Scott’s brothers Rob and Josh in the celebration were David Sarraf, Harris Sarraf, Ryan Meltzer, Ben and Hope Mandel Amsterdam, Zach Miller, Lara Stahl, Mike and Rachel Hol- lander Heller, Charlie Bernard, Ian Meltzer, Mitch Polay, Melissa Plush, Simon Schwam, Adam Lasker, and Josh Wigler.

  • 􏰀􏰁  Eitan Azizian and Lauren Sherrard (1996- Scatico friends join “Scotty K” at his wedding 2005) on 8/24/14. Lauren’s former bunkmates Jenni, Levine, Robyn Mohr, and Stephanie Bukantz attended along with Chas and Ellen Levine.

  • 􏰀􏰁  Liberty Thomas McAteer and Rachel Seebacher

    (1990s-2000s) on 10/18/14. Joining Rachel’s parents (Bob and Joanne) and siblings (Paul and Lauren) were sister and brother Eiko and Yosuke Suzuki , Ste- ve Hanft, and Chas and Ellen Levine (who clearly had a busy fall wedding calendar). Bob’s Scatico ca- reer began in the 1960s as a camper and ran into the 1970s as a counselor. Then after taking the 1980s off, he returned for 10-plus summers as a camp doctor in the 1990s and 2000s.

  • 􏰀􏰁  Kevin Khani and Dana Wattenberg (1990-97) on 10/12/14. In addition to her big brother Aaron, Caryn Ecker attended. Ally Lipton, who ran Scatico’s new cooking program this past summer (see next page) technically was also present, but in the role of full-service event planner and caterer.

    The Next Generation

  • 􏰀􏰁  Chase Samuel on 10/26/14 to Sharon and Ryan Meltzer (1992-2006).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Luke Levon on 8/15/14 to Laura and Adam Fleischner (1980s-2000s).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Zoey Lake on 9/5/14 to Laura and Josh Koretsky (1990s-2000s).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Ezra Hudson on 8/30/14 to Sacha and Samantha Safran Bodner (1988-2005).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Charley Alexa on 8/12/14 to Jon and Alison Goodman Ecker (1987-1994).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Laine on 9/11/14 to Sasha and Josh Friedman (1991-97).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Olivia Main on 6/19/14 to Anna and Jon Koren (1990s-2000s).

  • 􏰀􏰁  Jack James on 5/14/14 to Jim Hein and Carrie Tendler (1991-95). 

Shay Rubinson’s Bar Mitzvah: Three generations of Scaticonians
Left to right: Andy Rubinson, Tom Rubinson, Roger Goldman, David Fleischner, Julie Strauss Greeley, Richard Rubinson, Amy Rubinson, Francesca Rubinson, Cessy Goldman Rubinson, Jane Greeley, Noah Wagner, Diana Wallerstein, Kate Greeley, Carol Rubinson Strauss, and Shay. (Margie Strauss Featherstone missed the photo.) Grandma and Grandpa Richard and Cessy Goldman Rubinson met at Scatico in the 1940s. 

What’s New at Scatico?

Just in case it’s been a few years since you last made the pilgrimage to Elizaville, here’s an up- date on some of the more recent additions at camp:

For 2015—Plans are underway for a new dock system for the boys waterfront.
2014—A new “Culinary Center” (photos to the right) constructed on the site of the former bake shop; a new Squash Court wall on boys side; and bathroom renovations for the 5 back campus cab- ins on girls side.

2013—Lights for the girls athletics fields; a new Squash Court wall on girls side; and two new Gaga courts.
2012—A new dock system for an enlarged girls waterfront; construction of a music studio on boys’ side; the expansion and renovation of bunk 1A-B; and bathroom renovations in the Club- house and in Coves B and C. 

The Cooking Center Ally Lipton (1980s 90s) returned “home” to head the new Cooking Center during the summer of 2014. Ally, a NYC- based events planner and caterer, ran (we must say) an incredible program, with campers of all ages. 

1970 Soopers Reunion
Jane Herzog writes: “W e organized a long overdue bunk reunion in Manhattan last August when I was on the East Coast (to drop off my son at Pratt Institute as a freshman. Nancy Lippman Halis hosted and people traveled into the city by car, train, and airplane to be there. It was so exciting to see each person arrive, and amazing how everyone looks so much the same, sounds so much the same, and has done so many good things with their lives. For some of us it’ s been over 30 years since we were in touch, but the Scatico bond is so strong, it seemed just like yesterday. We had the best night ever!” From left to tight: Laurie (Lou) Gruberg, Barbara Schulman, Ellen Greystone Kalikow, Jane Herzog, Nancy Lippman Halis, Robin Herfort Healy, Lee Gelb, and Jennifer Fleischner. 

Color War 2014: The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Whether you were at camp in the 1940s, 50s, 60, 70s, 80s,... (you get the idea) these Color War images from last summer will look very familiar: Girls’ Sing and the Boys’ Potato Races on closing night. 

Vintage Scatico: 1930s? The driving range before dividers between the tee boxes and with the trees along the road newly planted. An alumnus has shared that there was so little tree cover (at camp and in the surrounding area) that you could stand by the pagoda, look out across the lake, and see Hunter Mountain (on the other side of the Hudson River) 35 miles in the distance. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.52.49 PM.png

Scatico founder Nat Holman from a 1930s
Sport Kings Gum card