The program at Scatico balances structure and choice. Campers participate in a wide range of activities and also have lots of opportunities to pursue specific interests more deeply. Many activities are led by professionals who teach year-round, encouraging campers to try new things, improve their skills, and have fun. Scatico’s main program areas are:


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Scatico is a place where, it doesn’t matter if your favorite thing is baseball, or woodshop, or art. You can take those different interests and there is somebody in camp who will go on that journey with you.
— Cory Schwartz, Boys Head Counselor

Tennis… soccer… basketball… softball… baseball… football… volleyball… archery… Golf… gymnastics… street hockey…

On the athletic fields, campers learn the positive values of sports competition while developing new skills and confidence. We mix instruction with play, stressing sportsmanship and an ethic that only asks that individuals try their best. Many of our program heads coach children’s teams year-round and many of our counselors have competed interscholastically in high school or college.

We participate in a range of intercamp games and tournaments with nearby camps. Because of Scatico’s intimate size, all campers have opportunities to play on intercamp and/or tournament teams. Courts and fields are lit for night play.


DRAMA… FILM MAKING… DANCE… arts n crafts… ceramics… cooking… chess… woodshop… music… photography…

Whether performing on stage, cooking a meal from scratch, or throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel in ceramics, when it comes to days at Scatico there is no shortage of ways for campers to get creative and let their imaginations run wild.

Daily programming provides campers the opportunity to learn new skills and work on projects both individually and as a group. Special events such as the Scatico Film Festival, Art Show, and numerous Talent Shows allow campers of all ages to share their work and talents with the Scatico community at large.


Instructional Swim… Free Swim… Sailing… Canoeing… Kayaking… Windsurfing… Paddle boarding… Inflatables…

Scatico has two waterfronts, located on opposite ends of a ¾-mile-long spring-fed lake. Both boys’ and girls’ waterfronts are fully equipped with sailboats, canoes, kayaks, windsurfers, paddle boards, and rowboats as well as a variety of just-for-fun “inflatables.”

Swim instruction programs are part of the schedule for campers through the age of 12.  Campers of all ages have opportunities to compete in swim meets at nearby camps intramurally and participate in long-distance Scatico “swim clubs.” General Swim, or GS, is part of the schedule every day, a time for campers of all ages to just enjoy the lake.

Many special events throughout the summer happen at the waterfronts, including Polar Bear (pre-breakfast) swims and evening divisional cookouts.


Climbing… Campfires… Hikes… Overnights… Mountain Boarding… Fishing… Ropes Course… Orienteering…

Appreciating the outdoors and unplugging for the summer are core values at Scatico. Camp is a time and place to learn how to cook over a fire and to gaze at a star-filled night-sky. There are many full-camp and divisional campfires and all campers hike on trails throughout the Catskill and Berkshire Mountains, the Hudson Valley, and the Shawangunks.



Beyond the action and fun of day-to-day activities, camp is about being a part of a larger summer family and history. At Camp Scatico, campers form a brotherhood and sisterhood that can only come from the power of meaningful shared experiences and living communally. Traditions such as opening campfires, Color War, Big Brothers and Sisters, and Twilight League, have been part of Scatico’s magic for generations. Special events from 4th of July Fireworks to Carnival ignite campers’ Scatico spirit and serve as the foundation from which they build lifelong friendships and memories.

To see kids so happy, carefree, confident and loving is such a joy. It just confirms our decision all those years ago that Scatico is the best place for our kids. Thank you for helping us raise them.