SUMMER 2018, EDITION #1: JUNE 23 - JUNE 29

Opening Day!

After months, weeks and days of counting down and anticipation, Saturday, June 23rd marked the opening of Scatico's 98th Summer. It always astonishes how so much build-up quickly transitions into instant action. By the end of day one, as divisions filled the dining hall with cheers and then headed off to evening activities, it felt like we had never left.


The last parents have waved goodbye, the bugle has blown, and it's back into the swing of things in the 12523! Here is a snapshot of those very first moments at camp... 

Boys Side 

The Sophomores started off their summer with a fun game of Red Rover, The Sub Juniors with Skippy Ball (a somewhat-Scatico invention where you play softball with a kickball), The Juniors headed to 9 Square (a game that became SO popular when it was introduced two summers ago, we had to add another court!), The Inters took the lead from the rest of the world, and kicked it off with a game of World Cup, The Sub Seniors played Ultimate Frisbee, The Seniors hockey, and The Upper Seniors a true Scatico favorite: Dugout!

Girls Side  

The Jinters kicked off their camper careers with Arts n Crafts, The Inters played a fun game of Gaga, The Centers hit the athletic fields for kickball, The Debs took part in another Scatico-original BBK (a combination of Basketball, Baseball, and Kickball), The Subs channeled their inner zen with a relaxing session of Yoga, The Seniors tapped into their chef skills and cooked with Chef Molly, and the Soopers (possibly practicing for Tokyo 2020) headed off to Gymnastics.

At the start of the summer, campers and counselors alike appreciate how long the days are, soaking in those last rays of sun until well into the evening.  In the moments before sunset, in that magical golden hour to dusk glow, camp heads to evening activities.

Following Scatico tradition, the boys had a joint evening activity for their first night, where all the campers are introduced to the counselors, who compete against each other in a wide range of events including Yoo Hoo Chugs, Popsicle Eating, Limbo, Furthest Hit Tennis Ball, Softball Toss, Breath Holding Contest, and a Saltine Whistle Challenge. 

On girls side, the tradition looks a little different, and The Soopers (quickly stepping into their leadership roles) teach all of the campers a series of Scatico songs. Each division from Jinters through CITs is assigned a few Soopers to teach the lyrics (complete with some killer choreography, naturally) which is then performed for everyone else. Returning campers already know many of the songs by heart, and new campers are quick to catch-on, embodying how, like so many things at camp, tradition is contagious. 

Opening campfires

While they don't actually happen on the first night of camp, the boys and girls opening campfires feel like the official kick-off to Summer 2018. 

As Scatico has grown accustomed, Dave opened the boys' campfire with the tradition of calling out the "Scatico Years". Starting with the most senior member of staff, campers and counselors stand as the year they began attending Scatico is called. Though there may be only a handful of Scatico veterans standing at the beginning, by the time "2018" is called there is a unified standing circle. 

Next, the calm camp night is punctuated by laughs and action as boys participate in a series of campfire games and divisional pillow fights.

Camp teaches us many things, but one is flexibility, and that you always have to roll with the punches. So even though it started to rain, and the boys moved inside to the Social Hall, the campfire spirit did not diminish. To cap off the night, Dave told the story of historical baseball idol Ed Delahanty and Sophomore DL Jamie Hamburg played "Cover Me Up" by Jason Isbell (because every good campfire, ends with acoustic guitar). 

The girls campfire starts with a tradition of its own: The Soopers (who lead the campfire) share the "spirits" of camp, welcoming both new and returning campers and explaining the many small moments, memories and traditions that connect the Scatico family. Explanations of certain elements of the summer-- from how we preform Friday Night Services to the meaning of the FRIENDS Plaque-- are interspersed with old camp songs  such as "Friends," "The Circle Game," and "The Year Song." Soopers stand around the campfire circle, leading campers in songs that may now be unfamiliar, but by summer's close will be second-nature.  To close the night, the Soopers share their favorite memory from their camping years (usually to many laughs), and then distribute individual candles for every camper to make a wish on. As is tradition, returning campers light the candle of a new camper, symbolizing the passing on of sisterhood and tradition, until the campfire is encircled by a ring of glowing flames. 


Many of the Boys' Side Sports Leagues are now underway. Including Hoops League for the Juniors and Inters, Twilight League for the Upper Hill and Juniors and Inters, and Soccer League for the Sophomores and Sub-Juniors!

And... drumroll please... TRIBES broke on girls side Tuesday Morning! Little did the girls know, but when they had their Fire Drill and began marching down to the canteen, they found a firetruck awaiting them! The Fire Chief blared over the loudspeaker: "Tribes 2018 has begun!" The only cameo by an Elizaville local for a Tribes break (at least in memory), if Tuesday was any indication this is going to be a Tribes for the ages! 

What Music is Boys and Girls Side Listening To?

Favorite Meals

  • Breakfast
    • Bagels
    • Pancakes
  • Lunch
    • Pizza
    • Turkey Sandwiches
  • Dinner
    • Fried Chicken
      • Mash Potatoes & Peas