Summer 2017: The End

It's always bittersweet to see a spectacular summer come to an end. While we soak in the excitement and special magic of all the final traditions- banquets, slide shows, closing campfires, candles across the lake (on girls side), and "Free Bird" at the flagpole (boys side)- we're also tearful at having to say goodbye- to our friends, to the carefree fun of summer, and the blue lake and green trees of the 12523. Since it's too hard to put into words all we feel in the hours of camp, we'll reflect on something a little more concrete... COLOR WAR! 

Color War 2017

Color War is always one of the most intense events of the summer, and is also one of the biggest highlights. One of the greatest things about Color War is that it gives every camper the opportunity to shine; when activities such as athletics, singing, art and writing projects, rope burn, chess, and trivia (just to name a few) are all integral and rewarded components of the competition, every camper has the potential to be a star. 

Campers take a time out on the team rivalry to display their friendship

Campers take a time out on the team rivalry to display their friendship

Girls Color War 

Girls Color War is truly in the hands of the campers, which makes it so impressive what they are able to accomplish. Color War kicks off with Sing, where the teams choose a theme beforehand (Green Wonderland and Grey Mount Olympus this year) and perform a series of songs written and taught by the Soopers. The Soopers and Seniors work non-stop to create a scenery and skit accompanying their theme in the days leading up to Sing. The incredible scenery is hung up in the Social Hall to provide a backdrop for their team. Following the impressive Sing were three action-packed  days of Color War, filled with tons of exciting events including athletics, novelties (full camp mini-activities such as Jumprope, Hit the Penny, and Tug-of-war), Treasure and Scavenger Hunts, and the Apache relay. It was an extremely close Color War (with just a 7-point differential going into Day 3), but in the end, Grey came out on top. A few highlight moments:

Highlight Reel - GIRLS Top Color War Moments

  • Color War started on a high note with Head Counselor Kerri Winderman announcing at the end it was "the best Color War Sing she'd ever seen." The team folk songs (Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and The Rose by Bette Midler for Green) were particularly beautiful
  • Amanda Graf pitched an awe-inspiring game during All Star Softball, also scoring a triple for her team (Grey) to ultimately win
  • Deb-Sub Football was such a close game it went into overtime! Grey won with a last-minute touchdown
  • The Bucket Brigade (always an intense Color War highlight involving teams passing along buckets of filled water and dumping them into a huge, empty garbage pail until a ping pong ball floats out the top) was especially close. Green won by only one bucket! 
  • Green won the Apache Relay, a day three highlight that involves the participation of each and every girl on the team in activities as varied as finding objects in a haystack, making a backwards foul shot, and making (and eating) marshmallow taffy 
  • The All-Star Basketball game was a particularly close one, with the score tied going into the 3rd quarter
  • Kasey Wilner gets a shout out for being the last Grey team member in the all-camp jump rope novelty! After sticking it out for multiple rounds, Green ultimately won. 
  • Emily Holzer had an impressive cross-country track meet showing, coming in first by "SO SO much" according to campers. The cross-country race has several Upper Hill team members race in a long-distance run that starts at the road by the tennis courts and loops down to the admin, all along the Golf Course, and up past the pavillion back to the start

Boys Color War

Green Generals Trichon and Bracutti

Green Generals Trichon and Bracutti

Boys Color War is four days of intensity, beginning with dodge-ball matches on the A-court and ending with the final chicken fight (boys hop on one leg, with one hand behind their back, and try to knock each other over) in the Social Hall. On boys side three counselors are chosen to be Generals for each team, and help the Upper Seniors lead and coach the rest of camp. At some moments the teams were neck in neck, but ultimately Grey pulled ahead to win. The four days had many magical moments, but here are a few standout highlights. 

Highlight Reel - BOYS Top Color War Moments

  • On Day 1 the Senior-Upper Senior soccer game ended in a 1-1 tie and then went into the 10th round of penalty kicks! Twin brothers Nate and Owen Clendenin were in goal for each team and made 8 saves each in the first 8 rounds. Both teams scored in the 9th round before Nate Hall kicked the game-winner.
  • Andrew Perlman set a new all-time Slapball Homerun Derby record at 31!
  • The Sub Senior soccer game also went to penalty kicks— shout out to Max Rosh for shooting  the game-winner
  • Lower Hill Mass Softball ended in a tie! Each team selected 3 fungo “champs” and Soph Etan Zerwitz hit the ball the farthest for the win
  • Junior Quiz Bowl went down to the final question with Grey winning 67-66
  • The Grey Team had an impressive time for the Rope Burn (always a Color War highlight, each team needs to build a fire tall enough that it burns through a rope tied over each lame), winning in 12 minutes and 40 seconds
  • Shout out to Dylan Schmeidler for hitting a walk-off home run for Green in Sub Junior Slapball
  • Simultaneously to the slapball game, (and on an adjacent court), the Senior-Upper Senior B basketball game went into a 4th overtime before a Grey victory. The game ended in a tie at regulation after a tip-in at the buzzer by Cooper Gottfried (on Green)