Summer 2015, Edition #3: July 7th-12th

Life in Elizaville

Lots happening at Scatico as the summer already seems to be flying by. Girls' Side had its first Tribes Day on Tuesday, with the four teams competing in a track meet in the morning and variety of sporting events in the afternoon. At the evening's Tribal Campfire, the girls showcased songs and a human pyramid routine they'd been working on for the past several days. Plus the Scatico Playhouse opened with its first show Saturday night: the Inters and Centers in The Lion King!

Over on Boys' Side the full camp participated in a "synchronized dance competition," where each division picks a song to choreograph a dance to and then perform. The Sophs did a dance to "Lean On," Sub- Juniors to "Everything is Awesome" from the Lego Movie,  Juniors decided to forgo traditional music and instead drummed on their stomachs, the Inters stole the show (and won) with "Respect," Sub-Seniors performed to "Fergalicious," the Seniors to "Cheerleader" (hands down the song of the summer), and the Upper Seniors to "Monster Mash" (perhaps in anticipation of their Carnival haunted house?).  As Hoops League, Soccer League, and T-League continue in full force, it's always nice to shake things up and boogie down.

The Inters bask in their "RESPECT!" dance competition glory.

The Inters bask in their "RESPECT!" dance competition glory.

Centers and Inters in the Lion King.

Centers and Inters in the Lion King.


Plus boys and girls have been participating in several tennis tournaments to much success! At Scatico Tennis, Soopers Emma Georger and Melanie Krieger made it to the finals, and at a tournament at Kindering on Sunday we came in 2nd place overall (winning three of the six available trophies!).

Divisional Snapshots


Sophomores- Had their hike to Mohonk Preserve on Wednesday, plus participated in a Super Stars day later in the week, where the Sophs are split into teams and compete in a variety of "events" like water chugging and broom tosses.

Sub-Juniors- Played their first ever game of slap ball (always a boys' side favorite) plus a lot of the division went on a baseball tournament to Pontiac, winning their first two games and ultimately nabbing third place!

Juniors- Appreciated one of the best sunsets of the summer thus far during their walk along the Sunset Trail (located behind the boys' ball fields) and then had their overnight.

Inters- Besides celebrating their dance victory, the Inters enjoyed a game of Subs n Heroes, in which each kid is assigned a sandwich ingredient and then stack themselves to appropriately make the sandwiches that are called out. 

Sub-Seniors- Had an NBA All Stars weekend in which they imitate and NBA Draft Combine, complete with basketball drills and interviews.

Seniors- Played a heated (literally) game of Inferno Trivia: campers wear as many layers as possible (starting with a bathing suit) and answer trivia questions in teams. For every correct answer they get to remove a layer, for every wrong answer add one. The team that makes it down to their bathing suits first wins and gets to rush to the lake.

Upper Seniors- Participated in a "Tough Mudder," which included crawling through a seaweed obstacle course, swimming in the lake, and running up an enormous slip n' slide.

Soph boys observe the broom toss in All Stars.

Soph boys observe the broom toss in All Stars.

The Sophs Green team for All Stars.

The Sophs Green team for All Stars.

The Sub-Juniors embark on a Blind Hike.

The Sub-Juniors embark on a Blind Hike.


Jinters- Visited the Mills Mansion and Buttercup Garden, a historic site located just 15 minutes from camp, and enjoyed skipping rocks in the Hudson River!

Inters- Had a spur of the moment inter-camp to Kenwood, where they participated in a variety of sports and won all of them (!) plus learned new games from the Kenwood campers.

Centers- Had a Girl Scout Theme Day complete with sash making, baking cookies and a nature walk on Scatico's own Sunset Trail ending with s'mores over a camp fire!

Debs- Hiked to Sunset Rock where they were able to enjoy a dip in a lake and then tested out a new ice cream place at the "General Store."

Subs- Have been expanding their athletic horizons with cricket! Plus the entire division decided to show their Scatico spirit and all tried out for a Pontiac soccer tournament together.

Seniors- Had a High School Musical 2 theme day where they dressed up and filmed a music video to "Bet On It" (a song that apparently takes place on a golf course) on Scatico's own golf course.

Soopers- Got pumped during their "Women of the Wild" theme day, which included dressing in safari gear and a scavenger hunt through camp.

Above: Deb girls at Ceramics. Below: The Centers aka Troop 12523 all dressed up for their Girl Scout theme day!

Parting shot: Chowing down at the Cooking Center.