Summer 2017, Edition #6: July 27th - August 2nd

It's been a hectic week at Camp Scatico, with Divisional Sing, Mini Camp, and Open Mic Night all on the calendar. We try to cram in as much camp fun and action before Color War reigns supreme for the last week or so of summer (pretty hard to believe), and so there is lots to report on from the 12523. 

Art-y Party

A summer favorite took place this past week, as the Art Show and Open Mic--both run by Ken Vallario--showcased all of the talent here at Camp Scatico. The night began with a fun and relaxing BBQ followed by the art show, where the canteen extension is transformed into a high-class gallery and mostly campers and a few counselors display their artistic masterpieces. But the creativity does not stop there -- afterwards, all of camp gathered into the (C)amphitheatre for Open Mic! There were many notable performances, including solos from the Jinter girls and Sophomore boys, a touching poem about Scatico by Ken, a few piano performances from the Senior Boys, and a song by Dave Fleischner accompanied by Mike Samuels on the drums. It was a great night to appreciate the artistic talent at Scatico.

Mini Camp

This past week, both Boys and Girls Side participated in Mini Camp, where campers ditch the schedule and are allowed to pick an activity/activities of their choice run by counselors. Girls Side specials included Go Green, where campers made hanging gardens out of recyclable materials for the Pagoda, a luau around the Lake, a Moana-themed swim and BBQ, Jewish Appreciation, including hand crafted Hamzas and Homemade hummus, and many more! Boys Side specials included a Sweat Lodge, which campers built and sat in, Wood Meat Fire, where campers participated in ropeburns, made fire, cooked outside, and more!

Sing it Out!

Divisional Sing, one of the most anticipated and beloved events of the summer, took place on July 30th for girls side and July 31st for boys side. Divisional Sing is an intense competition where each division performs a “fun” song (one song on boys side and a medley on girls side), which is rewritten by counselors to feature highlights from their campers’ summer, and a folk/real song. Counselors start writing the fun song and choosing the folk/real song weeks in advance, as the camper anticipation builds all summer long.  On girls side, each division picks a theme that incorporates their name, and then the theme comes to life through lyrics, costumes, and dance moves. On boys side, Sing is a bit more traditional, with no themes but lots of spirit. 

Sooper girls! 

Sooper girls! 

Sub-Senior Boys

Sub-Senior Boys

Each division put their heart and soul into their performances and displayed what they had been practicing for much of the summer. The weeks of prep, rehearsal, and determination of every division was reflected in each of their performances. The competition was fierce, however only one Upper Hill and one Lower Hill division from each camp could be victorious. On Girls side, the Debs came on top on Upper Hill with their patriotic performance as the “Deb-claration of Independence” the Centers won 1st place on Lower Hill as they took us back to the 90s as “Center-al Perk.” On Boys side, the Inters won Upper Hill and the Juniors nabbed 1st place on Lower Hill

Divisional Highlights

The Jinters and Sophomores went on their big trip to Howe Caverns... The Sub-Juniors and Inter Girls made a splash at Zoom Flume... The Juniors and Centers went zip-lining on their big trip... The Debs and Inter Boys went to Catamount... The Sub girls and Sub-Seniors had a ball on their caving big trip... The Senior girls had a groovy time at Woodstock... The Senior boys had a blast at Mohonk Reserve... The Soopers started preparing for Color War sing... The Upper Seniors enjoyed some of their last divisional activities as campers.