Girls 2015 Color War

1, 2, 3, 4... WE HAVE COLOR WAR!

It was an exciting Monday night at Camp Scatico. Following the co-ed show "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" the girls headed to back campus for milk and cookies only to discover "Color War 2015" pillow cases laid out on their beds! As news of the Color War break quickly travelled to all of the divisions, the girls gathered by the flag pole as Kerri read aloud the Color War pledge and Generals and Lieutenants. Then every one headed up to the tennis courts for a match between Generals Aliza Dodge and Emma Georger to determine who would be Green and who Grey, before the divisional dodgeball matches began. During divisional dodgeball as each camper gets out they run to the Chief Judges to learn what team they are on. The last girl standing in each divisional dodgeball match receives  a point for their team. Check out the girls' side splits below, and know that boys' splits will be posted as soon as their Color War begins!