Summer 2017, Edition #3: July 4th - July 11th

From hikes and tournaments to Tribes, College Bowl and DJ Pure... as the days of summer go on, so does the fun! It’s hard to believe that Visiting Day is less than a week away, but in the meantime we have plenty to report on.

Party in the USA

Last Tuesday, the camp came together to celebrate one of the most spirited days of the summer: the 4th of July. Here at Scatico, we go all out for Independence day - campers ditch their uniform for red, white, and blue apparel and patriotic songs can be heard all around camp (from the bunks, dining hall, and even the bugle system!) At night, boys and girls side join together for a co-ed BBQ, followed by the annual talent show. The Talent Show, held for the 2nd time at the camp-itheater, featured 21 impressive performances, including singing and dancing from the Jinters, unforgettable karate routines from Sage and Jack Wasserman (accompanied by the Upper Senior boys), an acappella song from the CIT girls, and even a history lesson from Jake Zirolli! The festive day concluded with an epic display of fireworks on the golf course.

Tribes: Day One

Jinters trying to Bend it like Beckham

Jinters trying to Bend it like Beckham

Saturday July 8th kicked off a thrilling first day of Tribes, full of athletics, songs, and intensity. The schedule featured two divisional activities in the AM, a full-camp track meet as the PM event, and concluding with a Tribal Campfire.  The first campfire always involves the debut of each team's entrance (a mini skit performed by the Soopers), a song to sing at the dining hall before meals, a Big Chief song (sung by the Big Chiefs before each of the next two campfires), and a human pyramid. With every individual component of the day scored and taken into account, the stakes were high and competition fierce! For the stats and standings of Week 1, check the link below.

Senior girls take a time out from Tribes and smile for the camera

Senior girls take a time out from Tribes and smile for the camera

College Bowl Concludes!

An Inter chugging for his team.

An Inter chugging for his team.

Last Friday, Boys side closed out their College Bowl competition with a campfire- a summer tradition that has remained relatively unchanged since College Bowl started in the 1980s. The campfire includes a wide-range of entertaining contests, such as a Yoohoo chug, human pyramid, Scatico staff imitation, and team song. As is tradition, the final scores are "accidentally" dropped in the fire... We guess everyone's a winner at Scatico!

Campers put their strength to the test in a human pyramid

Campers put their strength to the test in a human pyramid

Ball is Life! NAT tournaments one and two!

One of Scatico's longest-standing traditions, the Girls and Boys Nat tournaments were held Monday and Wednesday respectively. Named in honor of Scatico founder and NBA Hall-of-Famer Nat Holman, the Nat tournament brings all of boys and girls side together for a day of intense Scatico pride (and lots of Green!).

With an impressive 3-0 record, the Girls' Nat team was victorious for the second year in a row! Playing hard against Pontiac, Berkshire Hills, and Kinder Ring, the Nat team came out on top, led by co-captains Amanda Graf, Kasey Wilner, and Isabella Saenz. Special shoutout to the tournament MVP, Sub Emily Holzer, who topped the team in scoring. Scatico celebrated the big win with a bang, as campers danced the night away at DJ Pure. 

Just two days later teams from Camp Kinder Ring, Pontiac, WahNee and Surprise Lake Camp arrived for the Boys' Nat. While we did not come out on top (Pontiac nabbed 1st place), our team played hard and the Scatico stands showed plenty of pride. Special shout outs to the two Upper Senior team captains, Nathan Clendenin and Henry Beck! 

Scatico's where the hART is

New art specialty heads on boys and girls side have been keeping things extra creative this year! On girls side new ceramics head Zoe (who hails from Australia and is a jewelry designer in the off-season) has been helping divisions make ceramic jewelry (everything from bangles to woven crowns!) and leading Upper Hill in the communal construction of a ceramic mural. And down at arts and crafts, Sareema (a costume designed from the UK) helped campers sew, tie dye, and design their very own drawstring backpacks! 

Over on boys side Kyle (a recent art school grad), has "ignited" campers creative sides... literally. After boys learn how to use the pottery wheel and design their own vases, Kyle explodes a tiny firecracker inside so the vase develops a unique, abstract shape. He's also spearheaded an incredible outdoor mural (made on plywood) that greets all on their walk to the ball fields. 

Divisional Snapshots


The Jinters practiced for their play, enjoyed their first tribes ever, and had fun with a slip n’ slide!...The Inters lit up the Scatico Playhouse with the first play of the season, “The Wizard of Oz” with The Subs... The Centers hosted a successful "So You Think You Can Dance" evening activity and had their hike through the Catskills. The Debs had a ton of fun inventing and then playing an original sport named “Scatico Ball” (something of a mix of capture the flag and dodgeball)...The Subs nabbed first place in a spirited “So You Think You Can Dance” evening activity...The Seniors headed off to Surprise Lake for a divisional beach volleyball tournament... The Soopers embraced all the perks of their last summer as campers, leading Tribes with intensity and cheering hard (or playing) during the Nat team victory! 


The Sophs played hard in a baseball tournament with the Sub-juniors at Kenmont...The Sub-Juniors played in a basketball tournament at Kinder Ring and are also headed out for a soccer tournament at Timber Lake... The Juniors had a blast playing two boys side favorites, Slamma Jamma (the hoops are lowered on the A Court to facilitate dunking) and Slapball... The Inters headed out on their hike to North Point in the Catskills... The Sub-Seniors used teamwork to complete their Mohonk hike, which included a tricky but fun rock scramble...The Seniors also headed out on their hike, to the famous Breakneck Ridge...The Upper Seniors lost but played hard during a hockey intercamp Berkshire Hills (shoutout to Bart Tourri, who led the team in scoring!)