Tribes 2016 Has Begun!

When the girls side walked back to campus after choosing their camp sisters, a red, yellow, green and blue surprise awaited them outside the Coves! Colored balloons hung from trees and a TRIBES was spray-painted across the grass... the sound of the Big Chiefs' drums moments later confirmed that Tribes 2016 had officially began!  Tribes marks the first major competitive tradition of the summer, with all of girls side divided into four teams— Blazing Arrow (red), Flying Eagle (green), Racing Wind (yellow) and Thunderbolt (blue)— to compete in a series of sports, arts projects, singing, swimming and more over the course of the next three weeks. The Soopers lead each of the teams, and are in charge of everything from choreographing aerobics routines, to coaching softball, and teaching folk songs! We're sure future blog posts will be chock full of highlights from Tribes 2016!