Winter 2014-15, Edition 95, Issue #2

News from Elizaville

First the leaves and then the snow. Fallen. Standing on the dock at the girls waterfront, you can see clear through the ridge of trees across the lake to the boys lower hill cabins and social hall. Camp is eerily quiet. Darkness descends by 5PM.

Though the still air of hibernation seems to blanket camp, work continues unabated throughout the off-season. On the building front, plans are in place for a new boys side dock system and a new camp- fire site on girls side. Other projects include the construction of shad- ed seating areas for the girls tennis courts and athletics fields as well as bathroom renovations in several camper cabins. Programmatically, the CIT trip will now include a strong service component as Scatico partners with The Dream Project ( Chaperoned by Diana, Nicki, and other Scatico staff, the group will travel to Cab- arete in the Dominican Republic to help run a 1-week day camp for 8 to 11-year-olds. Prior to departure, the CITs will plan the program (so expect a few Scatico wrinkles from songs to Color War novelties). We are excited by the enthusiasm and support of the parents and CITs committed to sharing “camp” as we know it with children out- side of the Scatico community.

Site development and maintenance plus program planning are just part of the off-season work. As always with camp, the most im- portant ingredient is people. With our staffing and camper enrollment nearly completed, we look forward to that moment on Opening Day when the entire community magically comes together at the first din- ner line-ups. In the next issue of the newsletter, we’ll welcome be- come back (and welcome to Scatico) key members of our leadership team. Best wishes for a wonderful start to 2015! 

Home Sweet Home

(when not in Elizaville)

Here’s our annual look at where campers live during the other 10 months:

  • Westchester - 28.8%
  • New York City - 16.0% 
  • New Jersey (not 201 area code)-  13.2%
  • New Jersey (201 area code)12.4%
  • Long Island 10.4%
  • Connecticut 7.2%
  • Other* 4.8%
  • Metro DC/Baltimore 4.4%
  • Florida 2.8%

*Other includes Upstate New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, France, and Spain. 

2015 Upper Seniors & Soopers Reunion

Thirty-eight of 43 graduating campers-to-be attended. Is it our imagination or does it seem like they just completed their Jinter and Soph summers? 

Best Pumpkin 2014

This is the work of Josh Mazarin, who will start his Scatico career in 2015 as a 1-week camper in the Scatico-in- 

Wha’s Happenin’?

Welcome to the second Wha’s Happenin’ ? column of the 2014-15 off-season. For future issues, send along all Scatico news, non-news, and photos to

As always, we’ll start with Random Scatico Sightings (RSSes).... While watching his older sister Samantha compete in a fall cross country meet, Ryan Derasse spotted Jack Klafter (representing a different school)... Kate Metzendorf ran into Lauren Wang (one of her 2014 Center counselors) at a store in Rye, NY... Sisters Emilie and Charlotte Dorn met Lily Tepper at an Ardsley versus Fieldston football game... 2014 boys soccer director Matty Carroll checked in from London, where Sarah McKenzie (2013 ceramics head) is one of his roommates in a shared house. Matty recently boarded a London bus and found himself sitting next to fellow counselor Angeli Patel....

A Bat Mitzvah of mutual friends (not quite certain of all the connections) brought together Scaticonians Kerri Winderrman, Daphne Zuckerman, Ka- sey Wilner, and Ally Lipton... A second RSS for Daphne who (with her brother Ellis) saw counselor Jess Wayne (and her younger brother Zach— who did not make the photo) while the families were on a vacation cruise in December... It’s been a busy few Scatico months for Mackenzie Press (also with 2 RSSes). First, visiting Lafayette College, she met sisters Rebecca and Elizabeth Kane (also touring), and then, with mom Patti (Scatico’s head nurse), posed for the photo to the left with Cooper Gottfried, following separate bas- ketball practices at a facility in Westchester. Unfortunately, the photo just below, with Scatico doctor Eric Strauss is not a RSS. Mackenzie (MVP of the winning girls 2014 Nat Holman tournament team) tore her ACL playing basketball in late November. Dr. Strauss (as surgeon) to the rescue! A full recovery is expected (maybe even by summer).... Other (non- RSS) news... When Elliott Greenblatt traveled from West Hartford to play in a basketball game in Newtown, CT, his bunkmate Jacob Schumer came to cheer him on.... Jamie Silverman, Sophie Blu- menfeld, and Emily Mester participated this fall in The Color Run in Brooklyn (called “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”—celebrating healthiness, happiness, and individuality). As you run, you get doused with food coloring, so you look like a rainbow at the finish line. The girls’ team name? We Bleed Green!... 2014 Sub Junior division lead- er Sam Kuperman is the Sports Director at the Ithaca College radio station... On December vacation in Florida, bunkmates Jackie Karlin and Hayden Meisner got together for the photo op below.... When Floridians (and brothers) Asher and Jared Gornstein traveled to the DC-area this fall, they made sure to visit Asher’s bunkmates (and Maryland natives) Sam Ranzer and Max Goodman.... Speaking of Floridians heading north, when Addison Marques visited her cousins Dylan and Cole Goldberg over Thanksgiving, she celebrated the early snowstorm in true green-and-white fashion, providing the perfect photo to close this issue’s Wha’s Happenin’? column. 

Happy Birthday!!!!
December: Michael Fischgrund, Paulina Pham Van, Lucy Chestler, Tyler Winderman, John Hick- ey, Matt Watson, Ashley Mazarin, Samantha Salmirs, Viktoria Szabo, Natalie Mozga, Arielle Waxman, Alyssa Hartwich, Leia Pinals, Jessica Wayne, Mark Perlman, Jared Simons, Charlie Kramer, Danny Klyde, Emi Newman, Lilly Recht, Nicky Brown, Lauren Kassin, Kate Hecker, Andrew Bialek, Larry Bi- alek, Neil Schain, Mackenzie Press, Sydney Relkin, Ben Putzer, Gaby Phillips, Halle Phillips, Ben Abramowitz, Ally Lipton, Josh Mazarin
January: Mallory Gelbert, Asher Gornstein, Alex Jaramillo, Brian Chestler, Leah Kochen, Ben Mandel, Emma Bochner, Nile Cather, Pao Zapiola, Jack Heineman, Jake Mervis, Charli Greer, Billy Bernfeld, Viola Safronova, Henry Lilienfeld, Emily Goldner, Ross Markowitz, Branden Rothenberg, Jon Gross, Tom Gyori, Sam Kuperman, Hannah Schor, Hudson Burrows, Alexa Jacobson, Rebecca Skoller, Ulysse Cheyrou, Margaryta Syniakova, Carlos Calleja, Andrew Kassin, Laine Greissman, Bryce Holden, Jack Wasserman, Carson Lava, Jesse Bockstein, Barthelemy Turri
February: Isaac Greenblatt, Laurel Lowenthal, Molly Rusoff, Quinn Hood, Karlie Saed, Sarah Mandel, Vinod Dogra, Ellen Raimondo, Sophie Rosen, Zach Brody, Aidan Rogers, Callum Bell, Emilie Dorn, Brett Simons, Darren Sussman, Eli Herrnstadt, Steven Zucker, Ellis Zuckerman, Marley Vogel, Danny Perez, Jared Googel, Jared Gornstein, Sydney Segal, Daisy Gonzalez, Ellie Klein, Matt Cohen, Alec Vickers, Dave Brew, Cassidy Ditkoff, Allison Feldman, Parker Edelman, Marissa Stone, Tamas Szilagyi, Matt Heineman, Jack Klafter, Ryan Ditkoff, Emma Rosh, Poppy Vallario, Aaron Goldberg 

Survey Says...

Thanks to all who returned the summer of 2014 camper and counselor surveys. Below, we share your Favorite Activities. In the next issue of the Camper Newsletter, we take a look at results for Favorite Meals.

Favorite Activities


  • Slapball
  • Woodshop
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Street Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Football/NFL Combine
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Waterfront


  • Cooking
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Waterfront
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Crafts
  • Archery

Favorite Evening Activities 


  • Human Stratego
  • Twilight League (baseball)
  • Subs and Heroes
  • Capture the Flag
  • Soccer League
  • Downhill Tennis Baseball
  • Slamma Jamma 


  • Miss Ugly Contest
  • Scatico Playhouse
  • Divisional Night
  • Human Anagrams
  • “College” Leagues
  • Campfire
  • Color War Novelties 

For Parents

All parents (alumni and non-alumni alike) are in- vited to Scatico’s 95th Anniversary Celebration on August 2, from noon to 4PM. Unlike Visiting Day, campers will follow a regular program and eat lunch in the dining room. We will provide lunch to visitors at the canteen, there will be activity areas (including the waterfront) open in the afternoon, and then a final ceremony and birthday cake at 3:30PM.

Upcoming Parent Mailings February—Summer Forms: Clothing List, Shipping and Luggage, Health Histories, Horse- back Riding, Transportation, Camper Confiden- tials, Permissions
April—Parents’ Handbook: Information to get you ready for the summer of 2015, including de- tails on Opening, Visiting, and Closing days. 

Mark Your Calendar Open House:

Saturday, June 13 Opening Day: Saturday, June 27 Visiting Day: Saturday, July 18 Scatico-In-Training: Sunday, July 26, to Saturday, August 1 95th Anniversary Celebration: Sunday, August 2 Closing Day: Saturday, August 15